What Should We Consider When Buying Handball Shoes?

December 13, 2019

What should we consider when buying handball sport shoes? Handball or handball is known for being a sport of physical contact and high speed that constantly demands the knees and ankles of the player who practices it. A crucial reason why we must use the correct handball shoes, to be able to function correctly in the game and avoid possible injuries.

What you should consider before buying handball shoes is:

  • Observe the quality of the seams, heel, toe, and sole of the footwear.
  • That is light and comfortable
  • Anatomically flexible, that is to say, that it adapts correctly to the shape of your foot
  • Provide jump stability
  • The sole must guarantee maximum adhesion to the surface of the court, to give control and total freedom to your movements.
  • That they have the support of shock absorption, both in the forefoot and in the rearfoot, with bearings, or synthetic gels incorporated in the parts that usually receive the greatest amount of blows and stomps.
  • Contact rubber that provides optimum traction to provide extreme power output and braking accuracy
  • Being robust and highly resistant, you can check it for the protection and the interwoven that the material has.
  • With micro-perforated fabric on the sides to allow the flow of air through the foot and avoid fungi.
  • You should not use canvas or soccer shoes since none of these provide cushioning for jumps, a very important issue if we want to protect our joints.

The well-known brand of handball shoes

The Kempa brand is recognized worldwide for its specialized products in handball shoes.

The games of League of Honor and First Division of the League of handball of Spain, are played with clothing and balls of this brand.

Its footwear has a polyurethane structure in the front area of ​​the foot, double-life technology, adjustable lacing system, padded midsole to cushion jump impacts, natural and flexible biomechanical toes, interior insole designed for shock absorption and great heel support with double reinforcement, non-slip sole, flat base and toes of the best quality.

So it is usually an excellent option, in durability and performance, but they are usually something expensive so you can try to find these qualities in another brand without any problem.

Handball shoe size

The size of the shoes will depend on how you feel them, it is important that there is a space of half a centimeter between your big toe and the tip of the end of the shoe, try on several.

And try to walk or run with them so that by yourself you can assess if they are comfortable and suitable for your need since it depends on the position you play will be the type of footwear you will need.

Now to be more specific in your search for handball shoes, it is necessary that you have defined your preferred position since based on this, the characteristics of the footwear will change.

Stability and safety in handball shoes

Goalkeepers and defenses in the first instance require footwear that guarantees excellent adhesion to the surface of the track.

But the center requires a shoe that protects them during the offensive and defensive play.

The ideal handball shoe should provide you with:

  • Stability and grip for greater grip on the track.
  • Protection during the tread to protect you from impacts with the surface.
  • Excellent traction and maximum grip for spin and sprint.
  • Ultra-secure fit to ensure footwear fixation at all times.

Speed ​​and acceleration of the shoes

If you perform offensive work more effectively, your shoes should allow you to get the most out of your acceleration, speed, and jump.

For this reason, those players who play in the position of pivots and ends require a shoe designed for fast play.

The ideal shoe facilitates the braking and impulse of the body quickly, it helps you to open space with precision in the free space and score goals.

Therefore you have to take into account when buying some handball shoes:

  • Lightness and flexibility to increase speed
  • Optimal traction to ensure good adhesion to the surface in changes of pace and direction
  • Cushioning to prevent knee wear in sprints or jumps
  • That has materials that allow perspiration.

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