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What is the bioimpedance scale?

June 17, 2018

This is one of the most frequent questions we ask each time our nutritionist or doctor names it. Well, then we will solve your doubts and give you some advice if you are interested in purchasing a bioimpedance scale to better control your body.

Basically, we could define the bioimpedance scale as one of the best methods to measure fat mass and lean mass (free of fat) in our body. The operation is simple, starting from the base that water is a great conductor of electric current, our bones, muscles, blood vessels are in large percentage water, so the electric current circulates easily. While the fat mass is not a good conductor of the electric current, which generates a great resistance to its passage, this is called impedance.

The scales bioimpedance typically consist of two or four electrodes (depending on model), one or two act as current input body and the other output. The scale will be responsible for measuring the time elapsed in the electric current running through our body, that is, the greater the lean mass, the faster the current will flow through our body. It will be calculated based on our body weight, sex, age and structure. We could say that the formula would be (fat mass = weight-lean mass).

In general, the percentage of fat mass should be between 20% and 35% in women and in the case of men between 10% and 25%. For greater accuracy when controlling us, we must take several things into account.

  • You should not do intense exercise several hours before weighing us.
  • It must be performed with the bladder empty.
  • Fasting at least 4 hours before.
  • Do not use in women during the period of menstruation.
  • Recommended to wear half-naked, no watches, no jewellery or anything metallic.

It would be advisable to use it freshly and fasted.

This scale is designed especially for athletes and people who take care of their food and their health. The scale can measure the amount of water, muscle mass, fat mass and a long etcetera. In the market, we can find a wide range of bioimpedance scales, from the most complete recommended exclusively for professionals such as doctors and nutritionists, to a large variety designed for home use, for athletes passionate about keeping their body within the limits of fat mass in your body.

Within the existing variety we can find them with the following characteristics, depending on the models, prices and brands:

  • We can find them with full colour and large screens, to read and follow the analysis better, even with removable memory.
  • We can find models in which to perform a total or partial analysis of the different areas of the body, that is, we can analyze trunk, arms or legs separately for better monitoring of the parts of our body.
  • There are different options with standard mode (for more sedentary people) or sports mode (for people who exercise frequently).
  • There are models without limitation of registered users, in others, they limit the number of users and even detect which user is using it just by uploading it.
  • We have them with automatic shutdown to achieve a battery saving.
  • They allow you to measure weight, muscle mass, bone mass, body mass index, daily caloric intake, metabolic age, daily caloric intake, total body water…
  • The ages of the different users can be adjusted for better control, in children only weight, fat percentage and body mass index are shown.
  • There are more compact, easy storage or more elegant and aesthetic to place in any bathroom.

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