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What is the best pulsometer?

May 11, 2018

As an athlete, you will know that a heart rate monitor is an essential tool in your training sessions. But … What are some of the advantages of these devices?

The use of heart rate monitors during sports activities gives us the possibility to save our data and analyze them later. This means that we can keep track of our results and monitor progress.

Since they incorporate technologies that calculate the calories burned, the distance travelled, the heart rate or other interesting data, we should not worry about the control of these aspects during training. The heart rate monitor will do it in real time. This implies a greater knowledge of our body and abilities, as well as a greater concentration in our activity.

Another advantage is that more and more brands include in their pulsometers touch screens of considerable size for its use is easier. Although there is to whom this feature does not seem an advantage, thinking that by carrying more weight on the wrist, its performance will be influenced, so you can also choose to buy other smaller models.

Thanks to these advantages, there is a wide variety of heart rate monitors and sports brands that manufacture these devices. From the website of, they offer a comparison of these three models: Pulsometer and training clock (Polar), Forerunner Heart

Rate Monitor (Garmin) and Spartan Sport Wrist Heart Rate Monitor (Suunto).

Pulsometer and training clock (Polar)

This model of the Polar sports brand, with GPS integrated with satellite prediction technology, includes a battery of 8 hours. Another of its characteristics is the resistance to water. It also includes a Bluetooth Smart heart rate sensor and a standard micro USB cable for data synchronization with a PC or Mac. Its price is € 276.65.

Forerunner heart rate monitor (Garmin)

This model, like the previous one, includes GPS. It provides advanced cycling, swimming and running dynamics. It incorporates online features such as intelligent notifications, automatic uploads to Garmin Connect, activity monitor, among others. It offers functions of estimation of the maximum VO2, lactate threshold 2, career forecast and recovery control. It can be customized with clock screens and applications from Connect IQ. It has a price of € 221.11.

Spartan Sport Wrist Heart Rate Monitor (Suunto)

The third heart rate monitor recommended by is Spartan Sport Wrist, from Suunto. It may be the least expensive of the three models (€ 329.99) due to the number of features offered:

  • It is the ideal device to train and compete in more than 80 sports such as swimming (submersible up to 100m), cycling, running, multisport and triathlon activities. Also for fitness, thanks to its flat design that facilitates movement without risk of damage. It is essential to regularly update the software to ensure proper operation.
  • Includes a real-time chart of heart rate and calories burned. It allows counting steps and calories (in the last 7 days). It facilitates the location and navigation with itinerary on points of reference and creates the route in real time. It registers the activity 24 hours a day.
  • Fast location GPS / GLONASS, GPS altimeter, Bluetooth (from 4.0), compass, coordinate system, touch screen with 3 buttons, and precise running pace thanks to Fused Speed.
  • It is interactive in social networks: it shares content on Instagram, Runtastic and Facebook. Compare the personal records with the other members in Suunto Movescount-App, It allows the possibility of photographing the movements with the speed in real time to create a Suunto Movie clip.
  • The battery life is 12 hours, and the length of the bracelet is 24.5 cm.

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