Transform your body in 90 days

April 16, 2019

Are you looking to lose weight or make a change in your body? Alex Gimenez, personal transformer and expert in nutrition brings us a quick alternative: the Challenge Transform in 90 days

To verify its effectiveness, from Sports Spanish we have based ourselves on the experience of Verónica, a client who wanted to change her life, not only physically, but also mentally. To do this, he contacted via online with Álex Giménez, who explained the guidelines he had to carry out, in terms of physical exercise and nutrition.

Veronica says that with this method she has learned “to eat well, to know what to eat, how to eat”. He also explains that it has served as a guide in his physical exercise, as he assures that he has achieved his goal, which was a weight loss. On the other hand, he highlights that he has observed an improvement in mood, energy, health. In short, at a general level.

Therefore, the client concludes, happy with the results obtained, making it clear that the team of Álex Giménez is excellent for this type of consultation, which will immediately be lent to serve your audience.

For this reason, says that “these things do not have age”, so that anyone who is thinking of making a change in your body, consider the work performed by transformers like Alex, who can not only guide you in your beginnings but also in the end, “because this does not end, this continues,” he says.

After knowing the opinion of Veronica, I’m sure you have wanted to know a little more about Alex Gimenez. He served as Director of “Fitness First Germanias”, in Valencia. This was the largest sports multinational in Europe. He has also worked as a teacher and trainer of professionals of physical activity and sport in Vital Sport , the first training entity in the sector approved by the SEPE (State Employment and Training Service) and SERVEF as the Official Training Center for Employment, where the Official Professional Certifications of the Family of Physical Activity and Sport are awarded. Among other recognitions, it also has the title of Nutritional Coach.

To contact Alex, you can visit his website Here you can also observe the before and after of several clients that have gone through their effective method. We can also observe that the number of clients he has attended amounts to almost 3000, and in 100% of the cases the expected objectives have been achieved.

Knowing the experience of Álex after 16 years and its great results, from Sports Spanish we recommend your challenge 90 days to all the people who want to take the step to introduce a change in their body, or simply, learn about nutrition, health or exercise routines. Alex Gimenez reviews positive!

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