The CrossFit arrives to stay

June 13, 2018

Greg Glassman could not imagine when in 1974 a training program began in the USA, which today would be one of the most practised sports in the world. This training system was based on performing functional movements at high intensity. Little by little, he began to use this technique to train policemen in California, later he went on to prepare marines, firefighters and US military.

Nowadays CrossFit is a registered trademark and a sport that every day is practised by more people all over the world.


CrossFit trains strength, physical strength, flexibility, power, balance at high intensity, with sports such as weightlifting, athletics, swimming, rowing, gymnastics with ring movements for example.

The Wods are the workouts that are carried out on the day, in the CrossFit every day is different, unlike the conventional gyms that use the so-called routines. There are WODS that usually have a name, names of soldiers fallen in battle or names of atmospheric phenomena.

The most used WODS are:

  • PER TIME – perform a number of rounds determined in a time limit as objective or as fast as possible.
  • EMOM – (Every Minute On the Minute) This WOD seeks to perform a specific number of repetitions of an exercise for 1 minute, for as many minutes as possible, the time remaining from finishing the repetitions until the minute is of rest, the WOD ends when the athlete does not finish the number of repetitions within a minute.
  • AMRAP – (As Many Rounds As Possible) this WOD consists of performing as many rounds as possible of combinations of exercises ordered during a certain time.
  • TABATA – 8 rounds of 20 seconds with an intense exercise with breaks of 10 seconds, count the number of repetitions made in total. There may be TABATA of 2 or 3 different exercises.


For the greatest safety of the athlete, the Crossfit must be made with the appropriate equipment, using lanes, gloves, wrist straps, socks, belts or knee pads like the ones offered in Titan Box Wear :

  • The lanes are a protection for the hands, fingers and wrists.
  • The gloves for CrossFit are designed to protect the hands, give grip and we can find them with a towel panel to dry the sweat.
  • The wrist straps must give absolute protection to your wrists and at the same time mobility necessary to perform the WODS.
  • The stockings should avoid injuries such as blisters, muscle tears or shin splints.
  • The knee pads are an important part of the crossfitter since the joints must support a great weight during training.

At SportSpanish we had the chance to talk with Dani OM, Coach and 3rd in teams at the European Championships in 2016. When asked about this sport, «It is a training system in which several sports disciplines are worked on and each time they are introducing more sports, like swimming for example ». He also comments that because of this “it is a sport that gets you hooked since every day is different from another”, Dani tells me that it can be practised by people of all ages “in my Box there are children from groups to people with almost 80 years of age »

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