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Natural energy complements for athletes

July 22, 2018

Everyone knows that for any athlete, whether professional or amateur, it is important to have a good diet as well as good training. But due to the level of life that we currently have, whether it is for work, family or training, it is very difficult to maintain this diet due to lack of time. But luckily today we have numerous products that complement us that lack of vitamin.

Throughout the year we go through moments in which we go through states of a mental, physical and mental slump, due to the seasons as in spring where it seems that the body weighs us, or in sports, season starts in which the training load makes that neither body nor mind is at the right level. A solution to counteract this situation is to help with supplements in our diet, it is best to do with natural compounds made from herbal medicine that will help the body to maintain vitality and energy to overcome the burden of training.

The phytotherapy comes from the Greek (futon) plant and (therapy) treatment, that is to say the science that studies the natural products with therapeutic aims, for that reason the herbal medicine can be considered the mother of the current medicine, since this practice is used from the prehistory with medicinal plants for therapeutic purposes.

In bioherbolario, you can find numerous energy supplements based on natural products that will help us with our physical activity, among them we can find products made from ginseng, royal jelly, maca:

  • Guarana is a tropical fruit with energetic and invigorating properties, it is native to the Amazonian area.
  • Ginseng IL HWA is a type of ginseng used in Asia as a food supplement for its energy intake.
  • Royal jelly is a substance secreted by bees of nutritive wealth that improves physical and mental performance.
  • Maca is a plant of great energy contribution and food supplement, originating in the Andes (Peru and Bolivia).
  • Red Ginseng, a product widely used in energy drinks, is a natural energy that acts as a stimulant in our body.
  • L Carnosine is an ergogenic supplement that provides more energy for sports performance and helps physical recovery.

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