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January 15, 2019

We want to show you that by following these basic steps, anyone can learn to play golf in a simple way Golf is a sport of precision. An ideal sport for any age and physical shape. One of the greatest qualities of this sport is that it has no age limit.

At El Negralejo Golf Course you will feel at home.

Each of the canes has different angles. The lower the number of degrees of inclination, the greater the length and, therefore, the greater the distance. The greater the number of degrees of inclination, the higher the ball will take and the less distance with more effect.

At most, 14 batons can be played on the field.

To start playing golf you have to have a previous warm up with stretching and static movements of elasticity, at least 10 to 12 minutes. Once the warm-up is over, you have to practice between 10 to 15 minutes with the putt on the putting green and later it is advisable to throw 30 balls in practice with different sticks, ending with the drive, which is with the stick with which you will go to play on hole 1.

Exit to the field

When leaving the field it is very important the grip to make a good swing with a smooth movement to be able to have a good hit. The look always looks at the ball.

The grip is the way we put our hands on the cane to get a big hit and make a good swing.

The grip is very important because the placement of our hands on the golf club allows to control the orientation of the face of the same at the time of impact (open or closed) and as a result, have more fluidity and more power in the movement.

In the swing, you have to be well balanced and with good posture.

The posture should be anchored to the knees, back straight, parallel feet, shoulders parallel to the target and fixed view on the ball.

The face of the baton must be perpendicular to your line of fire (“SQUARE”) so that the ball goes straight to the target with a good impact.

The left arm is kept parallel and straight in the backswing and well stretched in the return at the time of impact. The top of the backswing should be as far as the left shoulder turns, pointing sideways at the ball, and then the return, the left-hand go straight until the impact. You have to make a good swing to hit the ball “With a good swing I have the opportunity to connect with the ball”. In the downward movement I use the lower part, which is the hip to give power to the impact, it is a light movement, soft and with determination.

Benefits of playing golf :

  • It is a good therapy to control stress
  • Improve your muscles and flexibility
  • Develop your capacity for concentration
  • Take care of your cardiovascular health
  • It relaxes you and helps you get out of your daily routine
  • It is healthy for your mind and body
  • You have contact with nature
  • Family reunion

Practice whenever you can and set progress goals so you do not despair. Golf as everything is practical, practical, more practical and a lot of patience. Brand goals for your golf. Enjoy it and spend an unforgettable day.

“Practice makes a master”.

Best Spanish in the history of Golf

1.Severiano Ballesteros

He has been the best Spanish golfer of all time. He became a global icon thanks to his victory in 5 Majors. He was in the Top 10 worldwide for 15 years, is the # 1 in the world in 1983, 1984, 1985 and 1988. As a professional, he won 91 tournaments. He passed away in 2011 at the age of 54.

2. José María Olazábal

He has participated 7 times in the Ryder Cup, winning 4 of them and one more, in 2012, as captain. He has achieved two Green Jackets by winning at the Augusta Masters and has a total of 31 tournaments. He was # 3 in the world two consecutive years, in 1990 and 1991, and also was two years # 2 of the Order of Merit of the European Tour, reaching 9 times in the Top 10.

3. Sergio García

He is one of the best golfers of today. In the year 2017 Sergio García wins the Masters of Augusta against the British Justin Rose, where he gets his first Major and goes on to the history of golf as one of the three Spaniards (along with Severiano Ballesteros and José María Olazábal) in getting this tournament. It has become # 4 in the world ranking in 2002 and for more than ten years it has been among the top ten golfers in the world.

4. Miguel Ángel Jiménez

Of the 4 Ryder Cups he has played, he has achieved 2 and has been “Top 5” in the Order of Merit of the European Tour five times. In total, he has triumphed in 23 tournaments as a professional, of which 19 have been in the European circuit. Up to eight times he has been among the top 10 of a Major. He has stood out, above all, in his maturity: he has been the oldest golfer who has won a tournament on the European circuit, in 2012, with 48 years.

5. Ángel Miguel

We could not finish this list without including one of the pioneers of golf in Spain. He was born in December 1929, in Madrid and represented our country nine times in the World Cup, being a member of the continental team that competed with Great Britain and Ireland. Throughout his career, he won 23 tournaments and was a couple of times in the top 10 of a Major. He was the first Spaniard to win the World Cup – before the Copa Canada – individually, in 1958.

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